Currency Exchange Made Simple

Now you can make overseas payments without having to pay excessive fees.

When you travel abroad, rent a villa for your summer holiday or own a property overseas, most people have a need for currency exchange.

If you use your bank, this can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Banks are known for their charge excessive transfer fees and large spreads on exchange rates.

But there is a way you can get better rates and a better service.

With fewer overheads, Key Currency can eliminate the fees and undercut the exchange rates charged by banks.

They can also offer you expert guidance on the timing and scheduling of your transactions, helping to remove the uncertainty and risk out of regular payments.

Key Currency provides a simple and efficient way to make overseas money transfers, whether for a one-off transaction or more regular payments.

If you don’t need your currency immediately you also have the option of fixing a favourable rate of exchange, which is known as a forward contract. A forward contract allows you to lock-in an exchange rate ahead of when you need to make an overseas payment. You can book your rate now for your holiday villa this summer.

As an Authorised Payment Institution, all money transfers with Key Currency are conducted through segregated client accounts. This means your money is totally safe and protected.

What to do now?

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